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MHA is the oldest nonprofit advocacy group for

advancing mental health with affiliates in every state.

Mental Health America (formerly known as the Mental Health Association)

has had a continual presence in Monroe County since 1965. The strength of MHA lies in its three-pronged organizational structure with the local, state and national affiliation. Joseph Brown, the early executive director at our state level, was instrumental in getting MHA started in Monroe County. MHA focuses on education, advocacy, legislative efforts, and volunteer services and has always been a citizens’ organization. MHA is the only organization concerned with every aspect of mental health and addictions including the individual who has a mental illness, family members, care providers and advocates, and policy makers. We are one of 60 MHA affiliates in Indiana.

MHA of Indiana has long been a strong voice in our state government and was instrumental in creating the Community Mental Health Center system in Indiana. One of the first functions of MHA of Monroe County was to support and push for the building of our South Central Community Mental Health Center, now known as Centerstone, built in 1968. MHA of Monroe County continues to focus on education, advocacy, and legislative issues along with volunteer services and the fight to reduce the lingering stigma associated with mental illness.

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